An Evolution in Wine Packaging

Aerocell® has revolutionized wine bottle packaging with its new innovative technology that offers unquestionable advantages over traditional polystyrene and molded pulp packaging. Aerocell®'s standard configurations are simple to use and include single, double and triple bottle models offering full flexibility of shipping options while reducing costs and increasing protection.

Aerocell®'s multi-layered film, air-cushion technology and patent pending pressure adjusting features allow for maximum shock protection to safeguard the finest of wines during shipping.  

• 3 simple Aerocell® configurations provide flexibility for a wide range of wine shipping options from single bottles to high volume shipments of multiple cases
• clear packaging allows for visibility of product upon receipt - a safer, more attractive alternative to traditional polystyrene and molded pulp packaging
• provides superior product protection
• prior to use, Aerocell® takes up a small fraction of the storage volume of traditional packaging
• provides significant overall cost savings
• is quickly and easily inflated with standard compressed air
• is 100% recyclable and meets sustainable packaging standards

The Advantage is Clear

Compare the advantages of Aerocell® wine packaging to traditional polystyrene and molded pulp packaging and you will see superior protection, flexibility and overall cost savings. A smaller and lighter finished package means lower shipping costs.

View the chart below to see how our 3 standard models combine to fit all of your shipping needs.