Sustainable Packaging


The Aerocell commitment to business performance is not just about delivering results, but delivering them the right way. In everything we do, from purchasing raw materials to delivering our finished products, we consider the environmental impact of our products and processes. Our operations continuously seek new ways to reduce the energy consumed during manufacturing and to reduce emissions and waste. Our facility has made significant progress in reducing the solid waste going to landfills, while increasing materials that are recycled. Respect and care for the environment require action today while keeping an eye on tomorrow.


We have a responsibility not only to customers, employees and shareholders, but also to the environment in which we all live. Our business success is rooted in making the right choices about product mix, manufacturing processes, sales strategies and more — as well as the right choices when it comes to environmental responsibility. That's why we are committed to delivering valued packaging solutions through the use of materials, technologies and practices that are in balance with these values. We believe we must not only adhere to regulatory requirements, but we should exceed them. We create standards of our own when regulations do not exist and we continuously explore innovation around renewable materials and resources conservation.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility extends to our people and our operations as well. Conscientious employee relations and rigorous attention to environmental, health and safety performance is an important part of how we do business. In keeping with our values, we actively adhere to and support workplace policies such as diversity and inclusion and worker safety. Respect for our workers and our workplace drives continual improvement in our injury reduction performance.

Sustainable Business Practices

Energy Reduction and Management
We are actively focused on the reduction of our energy footprint internally and externally. Our site practices include energy efficient lighting, heating conservation, air conditioning and ventilation efficiencies. Externally, Aerocell strives to produce and transport its products with as minimal investment in energy usage as possible.

Recycling, Waste Reduction and Management
We are committed to reducing the solid waste in our operations. We are a leader in our commitment to recycling materials throughout our production processes and in the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. We recycle 100% of our plastic manufacturing process scrap directly through suppliers and recycling services, as well as any corrugated materials. Our products are classified under recycling code 7, signifying mixed plastics.