Toner Cartridges

An Evolution in Toner Cartridge Packaging

Aerocell® offers toner cartridge packaging that reduces costs, increases protection and is simple to implement with your existing box sizes and toner models. Aerocell®'s multi-layered film and air-cushion technology and patent pending pressure adjusting features allow for maximum shock protection. Additionally, the unique Aerocell® concept allows for a wide variety of form factors to take shape upon inflation. This means that your toner cartridge packaging fits your existing box sizes and can more effectively protect a huge variety of toner models and sizes with far less packaging variations.

• Aerocell® Models accommodate hundreds of toner models and sizes all within your existing box sizes
• Prior to use, Aerocell® takes up a small fraction of the storage volume of traditional packaging
• Provides superior protection
• Provides significant overall cost savings
• Quickly and easily inflated with standard compressed air
• Is 100% recyclable and meets sustainable packaging standards

Aerocell® Standard Models Cover All Your Toner
Packaging Needs

We've done our research. We know that switching packaging, no matter what the advantages may be, is a tedious and often cost prohibitive exercise. Therefore, we've designed Aerocell®'s Toner Packaging models to accommodate all major toner cartridge models while at the same time fitting your existing box sizes. Just view the chart below to see which Aerocell® Toner Packaging style and size fits your existing box sizes. We also have resources to help you select appropriate Aerocell® Toner Packaging Models based on toner cartridge model and manufacturer.